Edible biodegradable

coffee cups and lids

let's fight together the plastic pollution



We address the challenge of single-use consumption of plastic packaging which is damaging to the environment. 500 billion disposable single-use plastic cups are produced annually worldwide and only less than 0.25% of them are recycled.

Laffe has developed a fully edible biodegradable solution to meet the mass take-away market.

The precise moulding process of the products ensures that the cups can hold hot drinks for minimum 60 minutes without changing its hardness and can retain the liquid for more than 24 hours. They can also be used for packaging and serving food and desserts.

Our products are manufactured using natural ingredients, such as wheat flour.

All our products are suitable for vegans, GMO free and without preservatives.

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Various recipes


we offer 7 different recipes

Various sizes

we offer 3 of most popular sizes:

4oz 8oz 12oz.


we offer edible biodegradable lids.

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Аre they suitable for vegans?

- Yes, all of our products are completely vegan.

Do they contain gluten?

- Yes, most of the recipes contain gluten.

Do they contain GMO?

- No, we do not use GMO products.

Do they contain sugar?

- Most of our recipes contain little sugar, we have recipes that are sugar free and are more suitable for soups and finger food.

How long the cup will last with hot liquid inside?

-The cup will stay solid for an hour, after that it will get a bit soggy, but it will not leak.    

Will the cup alter the taste of my drink?

-No, the cup don't have any chocolate or sugar glaze and due to the low level of sugar will not alter the taste of your drink.    

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